• About Us

  • About LeadingAge Gulf States 

    Vision, Mission, Purpose and Commitment 

    We envision a long-term care system which offers accessible, affordable, high-quality and innovative health care, housing and community services. This system provides value to the senior population of Louisiana and Mississippi and their families--accomplished through personal and professional commitment, in a compassionate manner, supported by benevolence and integrity. We respect diversity along the continuum of care and are socially responsible and accountable for promoting excellence in long-term care and support services. Our mission is to represent the interests of our members and the populations they serve, with integrity and dedication, while promoting the Association's vision through ethical leadership, advocacy, education and informational resources. 

    The major purpose of LeadingAge Gulf States is to draw society's attention to emerging, specialized human dynamics that are inherent in life's changes and help society prepare to meet new needs that arise. It is the Association's particular duty and privilege to plan for the future of an aging world and help consumers, communities, providers and society's fundamental institutions address emerging needs in responsible ways. 

    The Association's members are committed to:

    • Quality services that meet the social, physical, spiritual and psychological needs of our residents
    • Proper placement to assure that each resident's needs are met with dignity and independence
    • Residents' active participation in programs and services that make a profound difference in the quality of their lives.
    • Partnering to Create the Future of Long-Term Care

    LeadingAge Gulf States is a proud member of LeadingAge. Partnering on a national level helps to position, revitalize, and strengthen our commitment and success to improving the quality of life for America's Seniors.